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Monitoring and analysis of the planned Financial Transaction Tax (FTT) for an  international company 

  • Client:  a company with an international presence, which is kept informed of developments concerning the projected financial  transaction tax and its possible effects, since the client company might fall within the definition of  „Financial Institution“
  • Services rendered by FinTax:
    –   Ad hoc monitoring of the progress of developments regarding the financial  transaction tax
    –   Summary of the details of existing drafts concerning the financial transaction tax, which date from 2011 and 2013
    –   Analysis of  the effects and possible consequences which certain individual provisions of the financial transaction tax might have for that company
    –   Outlining of the status of proceedings


Advice to a US company on the issue of  „Base Erosion and Profit Shifting“

  • Client: A US parent company conducting business world-wide and operating also in Germany
  • Services by FinTax:
    – Ongoing information about recent developments on the issue of  „tax avoidance“  on a national, European and global level (monitoring) in order to enable the company to get an overview of the multitude of projects and measures in this respect
    –  Analysis to determine in how far the parent company could be affected by such tax measures proposed
    –  Monitoring the process e. g. by addressing relevant politicians or representatives of authorities and administrations


Consulting services for a family-run company regarding a proposed wealth tax 

  • Client: A family-run industrial company set up internationally, doing business in different countries
  • Monitoring of developments concerning certain political the parties‘  intention to (re-)implement a wealth tax  (SPD), respectively a capital levy  (Bündnis 90/ Die Grünen), in case they  succeed in the 2013 parliamentary elections
  • Analysis of contents and substance of the draft laws in that regard and of their possible effects
  • Calculation of tax burden


Support for a federation in addressing the issue of  a wealth tax

  • Client:  Federation
  • Accomplishments by FinTax:
    – Writing well-grounded and substantiated letters to politicians of all parliamentary groups on a federal level, as well as on federal-land and municipal level, regarding the impacts a wealth tax would have
    –  Design layout and wording of and revise flyers dealing with the wealth tax issue
    –  Preparation of press meetings / press releases that address the issue of a projected wealth tax

Organization of a tax event for an association

  • Client: Association dealing with balancing matters
  • Content development and structuring of specialists‘ event in Berlin
  • Accomplishment FinTax:
    – Inclusion of relevant persons in politics and administration

Support for a family-owned company in the process of business succession 

  • Client: a family-run company concerned with the question of business succession
  • Services by FinTax:
    – Monitoring of developments regarding

    •  „Cash-GmbH“
    • the draft by the Bundesfinanzhof  (federal Fiscal Court) to the Federal Constitutional Court on the issue of whether section 19 para 1 ErbStG in its 2009 version in connection with sections 13a and 13b ErbStG  is contrary or not to the general principle of equality (Article 3 of the German Constitution)

    –  Formulation of press releases and signed articles on the inheritance tax issue

Assistance to a communications and public affairs agency in defining a political position for a US company in Germany

  • Client: A company with a world-wide presence, whose activities in Germany are accompanied  by a communications agency, and which needs to draw on specialist expertise for their positioning in terms of tax and financial policy
  • Services rendered by FinTax:
    – Strategic advice in the process of the political positioning of that US company in Berlin by developing positions, identifying various channels of political communication etc.
    –  Preparing positions and current issues to be used as a basis for discussion during  meetings with political representatives and federations
    – Establishing reliable contacts on the level of politics, administration and different federations, by starting from  the political key messages defined earlier
    –  Drawing up a content-based concept and planning for specialist events,  parliamentary group meetings, etc.


Providing information to a large law firm regarding developments  related to the German Annual Tax Act 2013 

  •  Client: a large law firm, for which the proposal submitted by the Federal Assembly (Federal Council of Germany) regarding a  regulation preventing  so-called  RETT-blockers plays a significant  role for one of their mandates.
  •  Services rendered by FinTax:
    – Long term monitoring of the legislative procedure,  including the formation of opinions within the Federal Assembly, negotiations between the latter and the German Government, as well as the development of procedures taking place at the level of  the mediation committee.

Authoring of a tax-newsletter for a tax advisory office

  • Customer: tax advisory office  which keeps its clients informed about current tax and fiscal policy issues
  • Accomplishments FinTax:
    – preparation of a newsletter on tax and fiscal policy issues, which is  mailed monthly to the clients